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     Welcome to Champaneri Engineers and Fabricators.You will find not only the widest printing machineries manufactured at the most competitive prices of International Level Products. The company is well capable to meet the growing demand of printing industry. Our clients have always appreciated our products, performance and long life. We understand the importance of customer service to meet there requirements.

     Our Company is established in the year 1991, Champaneri Engineers & Fabricators are a leading name in the Various Engineering products and are engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of precision engineered and highly effective printing machines.

About Us

     We have highly skilled team of engineers, staff using most up dated manufacturing method. Quality is closely monitored. We are in the line of Semi/Fully Auto Screen Printing Machine, Semi/Fully Automatic Dry offset printing machine, Spare parts for printing machinery.

     Today, plastic cups and lids are commonplace, produced in a vast variety of sizes and shapes. Whether round, oval, rectangular, large or small, our printing machine can help you to achieve your goal.

     All of our presses are built entirely in our in house state of the art production facilities. From Boring to cylinder grinding, our large investment technology allows us to produce parts that meet the exacting standard required to build a precision printing press.

CEF machines are installed in all over Indian States.

Key Strengths:

  • Continuous improvements in machine design.
  • World class designs and manufacturing quality.
  • Custom designed machinery to suit specifications as per customers requirement.
  • Total solutions for companies carrying out industrial printing, right from designing, manufacturing, smooth running of machinery, to day-to-day print accessories and consumables.
  • Expert engineers and technicians look after installation and after sales service of machineries.




Model No.   1254(G or C) 1254(Bo) 1254( Ca ) 2504 2506 2506(B) 2506(C) 5048(G or C)   1554 3104 3106   2684 5364 5366
Used For   Glasses or Cups/Caps/Bottles/Food Containers   Food Containers /Pail containers   Pail containers
No. Of Blankets   2 2 2 4 4 4 4 8   2 4 4   2 4 6
Size of Drum   Small Small Small Big Big Big Big Small   Small Big Big   Small Big Big
Range   50ml to 1kg 50ml to 500ml   50ml to 1kg 50ml to 1kg 50ml to 1kg   50ml to 1Kg   500ml to 4kg 500ml to 5kg 500ml to 5kg   5Kg to 20Kg 5Kg to 20Kg 5Kg to 20Kg
Auto Loading unit   Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Unloading Unit   Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes   No No No   Yes Yes Yes
Restaking Unit   Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes   No No No   No No No
Controlling Panel   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Remote Panel   Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes   No Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
U.V curing   Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes   No No No   Yes Yes Yes
Carona Treatment   Addition Addition Addition Addition Addition Addition Addition Addition   Addition Nil Nil   Nil Nil Nil
Flame Treatment   Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil   Nil Addition Addition   Addition Addition Addition
Oscillating Gear Drive   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
O Max Gear Drive   Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional   Optional Optional Optional   Optional Optional Optional
Ac Geared Motor   Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional   Optional Optional Optional   Optional Optional Optional
Neumatic system   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Auto Loader   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes No   Yes Yes Yes
Manual Loader   No No Yes No No No No No   No No No   No No No
Operator Eco friendly   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes



  • Automated container loading in
  • 4/6 colors Modular offset machine
  • UV Curing system
  • Corona system or flame treatment unit
  • Automated unloading, counting and restacking



Consisting of Two/Four/Six modular ink heads for each color. Each ink head consists of an ink duct with doctor arrangement, manually adjustable and ink in – feed system, Inking roller, Transfer roller, two oscillating rollers, Riding roller and form roller. All six ink heads are separately swing open for access to above components for wash – up. Structural plates of the assembly are powder coating plated for easy cleaning of ink stains and spills. The machine is designed for operating with two or four printing blankets. While printing smaller containers typically up to a diameter of 85mm, a 4 blanket system is recommended and this allows for higher machine speeds. While printing larger diameters where a larger print length is required, the machine has to be set – up for a two blanket system which will allow for a print length of up to 480mm while printing larger diameters, the machine speed will inherently be lower. The 2 blanket or 4 blanket configurations has to be specified at the time of ordering machine.


Designed for continue OHS high speed operation. The indexing unit houses an octagonal turret and container holding fixtures.An air ejection system is provided for container ejection.


For Good Results in Half – Tone Printing.


For mounting the offset unit and the indexing unit. The assembly allows for lateral and angular indexer positioning. The entire assembly is highly precise and it designed to support the indexer and offset unit in high speed operation at low vibration levels.


For high speed operation container feeding for all common sizes within the machine range is possible by a single device. A synchronized drive system ensures flawless container loading to match any operational speed. Mode of container feeding into the Machine is automatic through on autoloader


For easy and immediate access to normal operating controls. The panel also displays the operating parameters, machine function status and machine speed for operator reference. AC drives are provided in the panel, for smooth running and easy controlling.

On line Flame Treatment System:

This is required for Printing PP containers. The system consists of Burner or Electrical sparking unit and Mandrill rotating unit. This is Optional unit on the Machine. Unless the client gives a letter of indemnity against any accident to property or operating personal arising out of the uses of the Flame treatment system.


We offer UV curing unit, this is designed for high speed UV curing’s. Our unit has a blower cooling system that reduces heat transmission to stock. It also exhausts ozone and hot air from the heat source and helps to keep cool printing shop. Moreover, our unit is equipped with digital hour meter that records the life of lamp. The lamp reflector of UV curing unit provides safe and easy cleaning. Medium pressure mercury vapour UV lamps 400 watts/inch can also be run at 250 watts/inch for low production speed if required Lamp reflector hinged for safety and easy cleaning, the system consists of a UV – A reduction source, this system cures printed containers on mandrels before ejection from the machine.

Re-Stacking Unit:

This unit receives printed containers from the machine and generates a continuous stack of containers ejected from the machine, number counting and stack segmenting system is incorporated in this system.


  1. The Machine flooring area is reduced looking at space economy of our clients.
  2. The Entire Machine is designed heavily, steadily & compact size looking in the factor of vibration and other problems.
  3. The Transmission from Indexing unit shaft is transmitted to the entire system individually & directly without any joints used in the machine.
  4. The Transmission to the loading unit is connected to the indexing unit with the help of positive drive & gears.
  5. Transmission joint is the main part of the machine which helps to drive the entire unit connected from the Indexing unit to printing Drum and Inking unit with the help of all and Back less Spline gear at higher efficiency and speed.
  6. The cups Holding Turret (Disk) is designed heavily using Aluminum material for steady & high speed .
  7. Inker wall unit hinges are provided with free bearing hinges to operate it freely.
  8. The Transmission to the main rubber roller to transmitting inker duck roller is given directly using Timing Belt.
  9. The Transmitting to the Oscillating rollers are driven separately with the help of spring lever and gear connected to Main rubber roller to reduce maintenance.
  10. We have Zero maintenance inker Duct roller.
  11. Individual slots of Rubber roller are provided inside the wall of inker unit’s to control the individual rollers and operate it with less maintenance.
  12. Ink wall unit are provided with spring loaded screws for controlling and fine tune adjustment of Ink to flow.
  13. The Unit is designed for free operation and user friendly.
  14. The flooring space of the machine and the machine component are designed looking at the operators to set the machine at fast speed & convenient setting.
  15. Variable speed adjustable drive is provided in loading unit to adjust the speed depending upon the thickness of cups/glasses/containers.
  16. No addition electrical panel is provided, whereas the panel is in cooperated inside the stacking unit only.
  17. Remote panel has been provided for operators friendly.


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